All-American Success

When retired canner Grover Hutcherson bought and restored the Orestes Packing Company in 1940, little did he know that this was the start to an iconic Indiana business. The business was soon packaging whole peeled tomatoes and tomato puree and took the Red Gold name in 1970, Today, Red Gold remains a family business. There are now five family members working at Red Gold on a daily basis.

Supporting American Farmers

One of the features that sets Red Gold apart from other tomato processors is our dedication to supporting America’s farmers. At Red Gold, all of our tomatoes start from our proprietary seed-breeding program and are grown in Midwestern fields in the U.S.A. by growers who have a passion for delivering high-quality tomatoes. We at Red Gold believe strongly in having an excellent grower/company relationship. The long-term relationships we have with our growers, many of which span several generations, are a real strength for our company, its quality and its growth. Red Gold’s dedication to success means strong support for our growers from Indiana to Michigan to Ohio. We believe that the best definition of sustainability is the fact that current farmers will give their farm to the next generation in better shape than they received it.

Modern Facilities

Red Gold is unique in that we manage our tomatoes from the field to our processing centers. Our modern Quality Assurance Lab ensures consistent product quality, and our experience in custom formulations ensures your product is made to your exact specifications. Our facilities offer flexible packaging lines for tomato ketchup, as well as state-of-the-art labeling and packaging equipment. All three of our plants have multiple lines that can run 24/7. Red Gold holds dear our industry reputation that has been built upon 70 years of producing the freshest, best-tasting tomato products. This reputation ensures our continued growth in foodservice and our market leadership position in tomato-based products.